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1 If the an­gle of at­tack of the wing of a light air­craft re­mains con­stant, what hap­pens to the drag of the said air­craft when its air­speed is in­creased from 85kt to 170kt? a it re­duces by 12.5% b it re­mains un­changed c it in­creases by 50% d it in­creases by 100% e it is quadru­pled 2 The 1952 Saun­ders-roe SR.45 Princess G-ALUN shown here was the largest metal fly­ing boat ever to fly. (Howard Hughes’s HK1 Her­cules, as its ‘Spruce Goose’ nick­name sug­gests, was built largely of wood.) An ap­prox­i­mate con­tem­po­rary of the Princess was the Per­ci­val Prince. Com­par­ing the two, how many more en­gines than the Prince did the Princess have? a two b four c six d eight 3

Me­te­o­ro­log­i­cally speak­ing, what is the ‘ceil­ing’ at an aero­drome? a height of the base of low­est cloud of any de­scrip­tion that is within 10nm of the air­field b height of the base of the low­est vis­i­ble layer

of cloud that cov­ers eight ok­tas c height of the base of the low­est layer of cloud which cov­ers more than half the sky (four ok­tas) and which is lower than 6,000 me­tres (20,000ft) d height of the base of the low­est layer of cloud which cov­ers more than six ok­tas and which is lower than 6,000ft. 4

You are climb­ing at full power, head­ing in an east­erly di­rec­tion and see that the mag­netic com­pass is read­ing ex­actly 100°. Which of these could be your ac­tual mag­netic course? a 093° b 105° c 112° d 118° 5

In the ICAO Stan­dard At­mos­phere freez­ing level is 7,500 feet. The ac­tual freez­ing level, of course, is usu­ally dif­fer­ent from that fig­ure. In which of these months does the ac­tual freez­ing level in the skies over Europe most fre­quently ex­ceed 7,500 feet? a April b June c Au­gust d Oc­to­ber 6

If a 30 to 40-yearold pi­lot is of av­er­age build and rea­son­ably fit, at what g-force will the phe­nom­e­non of ‘blackingou­t’ first be­come per­cep­ti­ble to him or her? a 2g b 3g c 4g d 5g e 6g

7 Which of the fol­low­ing op­er­ate on fre­quen­cies that are within the VHF avi­a­tion band? a DME b ILS c PAR d GPS e NDB


The first Vic­to­ria Crosses awarded to RAF air­crew dur­ing WWII were con­ferred posthu­mously on Fg Off Don­ald Gar­land and Sgt Thomas Gray of 12 Squadron RAF. Which of these types of air­craft were they fly­ing? a Bris­tol Blen­heim b Vick­ers-arm­strong Welling­ton c Fairey Bat­tle d West­land Lysander 9

Which of the fol­low­ing fac­tors af­fect the power out­put of a pis­ton aero-en­gine? a air tem­per­a­ture b baro­met­ric pres­sure c air­speed d at­mo­spheric hu­mid­ity 10

Into which of these types of UK airspace is the pi­lot fly­ing a light air­craft un­der VFR not per­mit­ted to en­ter with­out prior clear­ance? a ATZ b HIRTA c AIAA d CTA Class D

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