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Top-end and bar­gain head­sets, and a Yaesu hand­held trans­ceiver

Yaesu FTA-750L air­band trans­ceiver £379.96 inc VAT Those of us who chug, and these days even whiz around the sky in LAA Per­mit air­craft have long en­joyed us­ing hand­helds as the most ba­sic, low-cost comms op­tion. Even so, when it comes to re­plac­ing old units with 8.33 ones as we must, one is on the look­out for good value for money. Yaesu’s units cer­tainly rep­re­sent very good value for money. The price of the FTA-750L unit il­lus­trated may not ap­pear that low, but it is ac­tu­ally a lot more than a sim­ple trans­ceiver with 8.33 khz spac­ing, of­fer­ing a host of other fea­tures in­clud­ing ILS (lo­caliser and glide slope), VOR nav­i­ga­tion, and GPS po­si­tion in­for­ma­tion from a built-in re­ceiver. If you take it to America you will also be able to mon­i­tor the US NOAA weather band. Even if you are con­fined to this side of the Pond and are con­cen­trat­ing on us­ing comms to full ad­van­tage, you can pro­gramme up to 200 mem­ory chan­nels with a ‘quick and easy’ chan­nel re­call fea­ture. The unit can eas­ily be re­pro­grammed ‘in min­utes’ us­ing the op­tional PC Pro­gram­ming soft­ware and the sup­plied USB pro­gram­ming ca­ble — some­thing we have not yet ex­per­i­mented with, we must ad­mit. There are an aw­ful lot of fea­tures packed into this one, re­mark­ably com­pact unit — and it comes with a full set of ac­ces­sories.

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