The Su­per Cub’s pi­lot took off from the farm strip, from which he had flown for 23 years, to pre­pare for a skills test to reval­i­date his li­cence. Af­ter sev­eral cir­cuits and ma­noeu­vres, in­clud­ing prac­tic­ing a baulked land­ing, he made his fi­nal ap­proach to Rwy 03. The wind was north-east­erly at 6kt, and no un­usual tur­bu­lence was felt dur­ing the ap­proach, but af­ter touch­ing down and rolling some 25m the air­craft sud­denly swung right. The pi­lot re­acted by in­creas­ing power and tak­ing off again, but he could not pre­vent the right wing from strik­ing a sta­tion­ary com­bine har­vester. The air­craft came to rest up­side down. The in­jured pi­lot, who es­caped through the door onto the up­turned right wing, con­cluded that a sud­den gust of wind had caused the swing and later dis­cov­ered that, just be­fore the ac­ci­dent, a per­son spray­ing nearby crops had ex­pe­ri­enced such squally con­di­tions that he stopped work.

The Ikarus C42 — a tough and durable mi­cro­light used by many clubs for flight train­ing

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