Just af­ter take­off the Magni M24C Orion au­t­o­gyro’s en­gine stopped. With no fur­ther use­able run­way avail­able, the pi­lot turned slightly right into wind to land on a taxi­way, but the au­t­o­gyro bounced be­fore rolling onto its left side, caus­ing dam­age to the ro­tor, pro­pel­ler blades and tail. The pi­lot suf­fered bruis­ing and mi­nor in­juries to his legs. Prior to the flight he had bought some un­leaded fuel which he put in a metal can that he had used for a num­ber of years. When re­fu­elling the air­craft he had con­cerns about the colour of the fuel, but con­vinced him­self that it was good af­ter check­ing the flamma­bil­ity of a small sam­ple. On re­flec­tion, he sus­pects the fuel was prob­a­bly contaminat­ed, caus­ing the en­gine to stop and that, dur­ing the sub­se­quent land­ing, he let the air­speed drop be­low the craft’s rec­om­mended land­ing speed.

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