8.33 ra­dio farce

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I am based at Bolt Head Air­field near Sal­combe in Devon. On one of [ Pi­lot con­trib­u­tor] Colin Good­win’s re­cent trips to Bolt Head I helped him out with a few tools to get his RV back and run­ning, and sug­gested he shack up in our hangar next time he vis­its and the weather turns a bit rub­bish.

I read with in­ter­est your ar­ti­cle ‘8.33 Ra­dio Update’. The whole saga is a sad farce and we poor souls who dare to fly around and talk to folk on the ra­dio are get­ting ham­mered good and proper. I have a Lus­combe 8A which has a panel mount Bendix King. Cost to re­place is around £2,000 so ef­fec­tively my air­craft will be de­val­ued next Jan­uary 2018 by £2,000 when, ac­cord­ing to the last para­graph in your ar­ti­cle, my 25khz Bendix King will be il­le­gal. To re­place like-for-like, I will be forced to spend be­tween £1,500-2,000 and throw away my Bendix King, or maybe pawn it in the USA for a few dol­lars. I could buy a small hand­held but feel very shabby about that as I still throw away a qual­ity ra­dio and de­value my air­craft by £2,000.

Ac­cord­ing to your ar­ti­cle, Paul Far­rell will most likely ground a large por­tion of the GA fleet in Jan­uary 2018 be­cause they can­not com­ply with the time­frame. That gives us a cheery 2018 to look for­ward to!

We’ve been urged to buy new ra­dios that no­body can fit be­fore the 2018 dead­line. Oh, and you lucky cus­tomers can claim back 20% on a prod­uct you re­ally should not need. Why? Be­cause UK GA has been sold a pup! Sadly it’s a far­ci­cal night­mare… ex­cept I just woke up and it’s re­ally hap­pen­ing! Chris Howell by email

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