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I am puz­zled by a cou­ple of points in Fe­bru­ary Air­mail let­ter ‘Another Sad Tale’. John Chor­ley says “my friend who has an NPPL/LAPL can­not fly the aero­plane af­ter April 2018”. This is not cor­rect. EASA aero­planes can be flown af­ter April 2018 on an LAPL, but not an NPPL. I know this only too well as I fly on an NPPL but am hav­ing to get an LAPL be­fore con­tin­u­ing to fly our club (EASA) aero­planes.

As some Bölkow Ju­niors are al­ready on Per­mits (as­sume he means LAA) why does he not change his aero­plane and oth­ers onto a Per­mit?

Dave Scott by email

It is true that an LAPL en­ables P1 flight on EASA air­craft. How­ever, it may be that some NPPL pi­lots would en­counter dif­fi­cul­ties meet­ing the LAPL med­i­cal re­quire­ments (per­haps costly pri­vate pro­ce­dures to prove fit­ness to fly)… the very rea­son they chose an NPPL in the first place – Ed.

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