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The Civil Avi­a­tion Author­ity an­nual sta­tis­tics show a re­mark­ably bal­anced year, with 20,027 air­craft nom­i­nally ac­tive, pre­cisely one more than on 1 Jan­u­ary 2017. Fixed-wing mi­cro­lights had a pro­duc­tive year, as did au­t­o­gy­ros, and hot-air bal­loon num­bers rose af­ter a long de­cline. There was a bal­anc­ing fall in flexwing mi­cro­lights. Air­lin­ers in­creased, driven by easy­jet’s fleet ex­pan­sion, al­though this may re­verse with strate­gic re­as­sign­ment to for­eign reg­is­ters, mostly Aus­tria but also Spain and Guernsey. Ex­actly one third of the fleet has no cur­rent Cer­tifi­cate of Air­wor­thi­ness or Per­mit to Fly, al­though this does in­clude more than 600 ex­empted by SSDR rules (air­craft of qual­i­fy­ing types were re-al­lo­cated this year).

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