Pilot - - Flight Test -

Land­ing on a Kent farm strip the Euro­fox 912’s pilot no­ticed that there were sheep on it about two thirds of the way along its length. He con­tin­ued with the land­ing be­cause the sheep were mov­ing away from the air­craft noise, and the first part of the run­way was clear. As the air­craft touched down, a sheep ran on to the run­way, so the pilot started a go-around, and as the air­craft lifted off its left wheel struck the an­i­mal and wheel and leg sheared off and were left hang­ing from the brake hose. The pilot com­pleted a cir­cuit and land­ing, dur­ing which the air­craft slewed to the left and struck a fence. Land­ing gear, left wing, cowl­ings, pro­pel­ler and spin­ner were dam­aged. The pilot said that sheep nor­mally ran away from air­craft noise and in fu­ture he would be pre­pared for the un­ex­pected.

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