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The UK’S first PZL Mucha Stan­dard glider has been regis­tered G-CKXD; this is a sin­gle-seat, wood and fab­ric, aer­o­batic sailplane built in Poland in 1960. Sin­gle Seat Dereg­u­la­tion has breathed wel­come new life into some her­itage mi­cro­lights, and this month sees the re­turn of Bri­tain’s ear­li­est Amer­i­can Aero­lights Ea­gle, G-MBEP, dating back to 1980. It has a semi-rigid, high-di­he­dral, par­al­lel-chord wing set above a skele­tal trike. Pitch con­trol is by a ca­nard fore­plane ac­tu­ated by the pi­lot weight-shift­ing in the sling seat. Right up-to-date is the Air­play Grif/ Eurofly Snake SSDR mi­cro­light with a nan­otrike, de­signed to fit in an es­tate car. It is regis­tered G-MADC, but in case any­one is mad enough to buy one off the in­ter­net and go straight out and fly it, the com­pany of­fers five hours of free, dual, weight­shift train­ing. Finally, the won­der­fully named Earth­star Thun­der Gull G-TGUL is an Amer­i­can three-axis SSDR, re­sem­bling a cut-down Kolb Twin­star.

PZL-104 Wilga 35 G-WILG was tem­po­rar­ily with­drawn from use this month

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