Coy­ote clob­bered


The Rans Coy­ote II was tak­ing off from a Glouces­ter­shire grass strip with pi­lot and pas­sen­ger aboard. There was a light cross­wind from the left and the grass was damp. It ac­cel­er­ated nor­mally and at ap­prox­i­mately 42mph IAS the pi­lot ro­tated, but as the air­craft lifted off he felt it lose mo­men­tum and turn markedly left over a ploughed field. He ap­plied full right rud­der to turn back to­wards the run­way but as he did so the right wing dropped and the wingtip hit the ground. The air­craft came to rest on the left side of the run­way and was sub­stan­tially dam­aged by fire. Pi­lot and pas­sen­ger suf­fered mi­nor in­juries. The pi­lot be­lieves that the en­gine suf­fered a power loss dur­ing ro­ta­tion that led to the left wing stalling, and sub­se­quently his applicatio­n of right rud­der then caused the right wing to stall. Due to fire dam­age it was not pos­si­ble to de­ter­mine why the en­gine lost power. The AAIB notes that the Coy­ote II was ap­prox­i­mately 4% above its MTOW which ‘would have re­duced the stall mar­gin, giv­ing the pi­lot very lit­tle time to re­act to any loss of power’.

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