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1 While in level flight, as your air­speed de­creases to a fig­ure that is be­low the speed for max­i­mum lift/drag ra­tio, what hap­pens to the to­tal drag of your aero­plane?

a it de­creases be­cause the par­a­site drag is re­duced b it re­mains the same c it in­creases be­cause of in­creased in­duced drag. d it in­creases be­cause the par­a­site drag be­comes higher

2 On fi­nal ap­proach at your des­ti­na­tion air­field you fly into a mod­er­ate shower of rain. This could lead to you fly­ing...

a a lower than nor­mal ap­proach b an un­co­or­di­nated ap­proach c a higher than nor­mal ap­proach d at a lower than nor­mal IAS on the ap­proach

3 When fly­ing VFR at night what is the first in­di­ca­tion you are likely to get that you are fly­ing into re­stricted vis­i­bil­ity con­di­tions?

a grad­ual dis­ap­pear­ance of lights on the ground b ground lights start to look as if they are sur­rounded by a halo or glow c cock­pit lights be­gin to take on an ap­pear­ance of a halo or glow around them d the hori­zon ahead of you starts to ap­pear more sharply de­fined

4 Which now pri­mar­ily avi­a­tion com­pany, with a pres­ence at over 230 air­ports world­wide, started life 185 years ago as a book­shop which pub­lished Charles Dick­ens’ first novel in monthly in­stal­ments?

a DHL b Men­zies Avi­a­tion c Fedex d Car­golux

5 You are pi­lot­ing a light air­craft and fol­low­ing a ‘Heavy’ class air­craft (not an Air­bus A380-800) on fi­nal ap­proach to land. What is the min­i­mum wake tur­bu­lence sep­a­ra­tion dis­tance rec­om­mended by the UK CAA?

a 4nm b 5nm c 6nm d 7nm

6 You have ex­pe­ri­enced a to­tal fail­ure of the air­craft’s VHF Com ra­dios but the transpon­der ap­pears still to be func­tion­ing. Which of these emer­gency codes should you squawk?

a 7000 b 7700 c 7500 d 7600

7 Elec­tri­cally-pow­ered light air­craft and hy­brids (such as this elec­tricpow­ered Ex­tra 330LE) were prom­i­nent at AERO 2018 in Friedrichshafen. As well as elec­tric, there are of course GA air­craft with av­gas and diesel pis­ton en­gines, jets and turbo-props, and en­gine­less glid­ers and sailplanes, but has there ever been a steam-pow­ered man-car­ry­ing aero­plane?

a no be­cause steam en­gines are too heavy b only model steam-pow­ered air­craft have been flown c a steam-pow­ered open­cock­pit bi­plane flew in the 1930s d the only steam-pow­ered manned air­craft ever to have flown were air­ships (di­ri­gi­bles)

8 Which of the fol­low­ing is a Föhn (aka Foehn) wind?

a a tur­bu­lent wind ris­ing against a moun­tain range and caus­ing clouds to form b a cold dry northerly wind that blows down the Rhone val­ley c a warm southerly wind blow­ing across the Mediter­ranean from the Sa­hara d a warm dry wind blow­ing down the lee side of a moun­tain range

9 Ac­cord­ing to your flight guide, Air Traf­fic ser­vice is avail­able in sum­mer at Abbeville (LFOI) from 0900 to 1200 and 1400 to 1800 lo­cal time. The flight-planned time from your UK home air­field to LFOI is 1hr 40min. What is the lat­est take­off time that would al­low you to ar­rive at LFOI be­fore ATC closes for lunch?

a 1020 lo­cal (BST) b 0920Z (GMT) c 1120Z (GMT) d 0920 lo­cal (BST)

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