Safety stymied by EASA

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Much is made, rightly so, of the im­por­tant mat­ter of avoid­ing a mid-air col­li­sion, and I am try­ing to do all that I can in this re­spect. Pow­er­flarm Core is a very pow­er­ful tool to add to the ‘eyes and ears’ and I want to in­stall it in my G-reg Robin­son R44 he­li­copter. I have been work­ing with Heli­air and oth­ers for many months now and no­body seems to fully un­der­stand the process of ob­tain­ing EASA con­sent for such an in­stal­la­tion. (I am aware that the por­ta­ble ver­sion can be in­stalled, but we want the full and proper core in­stal­la­tion.) There are many edi­to­rial fea­tures ex­tolling the virtues of traf­fic avoid­ance sys­tems but, as usual, there is Euro­pean bu­reau­cracy to over­come.

Do any of your read­ers have ex­pe­ri­ence or advice to of­fer? Tony Abel, Lit­tle Cress­ing­ham

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