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10 Which of the fol­low­ing state­ments about stalling speed is/are cor­rect?

a in any turn­ing ma­noeu­vre it in­creases by up to 15% com­pared with straight and level flight b for any given air­craft it is a con­stant whether it is turn­ing or fly­ing straight and level c it is higher when turn­ing than when fly­ing straight and level and it in­creases as the turn be­comes steeper d it in­creases in line with the bank an­gle, be­com­ing 10% higher at 10° bank up to 80% higher at 80° bank an­gle ‘Air-brained’ is largely about pro­mot­ing safety, so we are proud to be spon­sored by Poo­leys, man­u­fac­turer of avi­a­tion equip­ment and pub­lisher. The win­ner of the flight guide will be the sender of the first cor­rect an­swer drawn at ran­dom from all en­tries sub­mit­ted to com­pe­ti­[email protected] pi­ by the clos­ing date, 11 Au­gust 2018 (one en­try per per­son, please). Emails must have ‘Au­gust Air Brained’ as their sub­ject and in­clude the sender’s postal ad­dress for ship­ping. The an­swer to Q10 will ap­pear in next month’s ‘Air Brained’. State ‘no con­tact’ in your email if you do not wish to re­ceive in­for­ma­tion via email from the pub­lish­ers of or Poo­leys.

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