Twenty years ago


A plethora of air­craft was cov­ered in this is­sue. Two rather dif­fer­ent ones were the sub­jects of the flight tests: the B-17 Fly­ing Fortress Yan­kee Lady was ac­tu­ally de­liv­ered af­ter the end of WWII but nev­er­the­less rep­re­sents the type’s con­tri­bu­tion to it, and, at the other end of the scale, the Cessna

Ci­ta­tion X biz­jet, with a Mach .91 cruise at 51,000 feet.

The first UK flight of the Czech Jora mi­cro­light pro­nounced it an “el­e­gant and fu­tur­is­tic lit­tle tourer”. Not dis­sim­i­lar to the Jabiru, the fast-build kit cost around £7,000, mi­nus en­gine and in­stru­ments. An Aus­tralian-built DH94

Moth Mi­nor, a mono­plane, was put through its paces in New Zealand, while a fly­ing in­struc­tor de­scribed train­ing Kenyan lo­cals on Ital­ian Magni M-61 au­t­o­gy­ros.

On the prac­ti­cal side were ar­ti­cles about land­ing on skis on glaciers in the Swiss Alps, a glos­sary of ATC terms in French – still very use­ful – and an ILAFFT es­sen­tially say­ing ig­nore that nag­ging feel­ing that some­thing isn’t right (even when it all looks OK) at your peril.

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