Ten years ago


No fewer than three flight tests en­ter­tained read­ers. The four-seat tur­bor­pop Lan­cair Evo­lu­tion, the

Re­mos GX Light Sport Air­craft, and the Aus­tralian Whit­ney

Boomerang two-seat trainer, the lat­ter loosely based on the Tom­a­hawk, along­side a buyer’s guide to the Rene­gade Spirit. There were also a fly­ing ad­ven­ture to Mex­ico in a Mooney and a pro­file of Di­nard air­port (that French ATC guide might be use­ful). Not an ILAFFT but per­haps even more scary was the story of a VFR pi­lot

forced into IMC, the tale told from the var­i­ous view­points of the pi­lot, pas­sen­gers, air traf­fic, and friend/ pi­lot in an ac­com­pa­ny­ing air­craft who made it to the des­ti­na­tion by an­other route and then waited for news fear­ing the worst. Prac­ti­cal mat­ters dealt with

how to solo tail­drag­gers, which demand dif­fer­ent skills, and all you needed to know about plac­ards.

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