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Bell's suc­cesses and fail­ures, R66 hooks, and US Kopters

The FAA has ap­proved a cargo hook in­stal­la­tion as an op­tion on the Robin­son R66. The hook car­ries ex­ter­nal loads up to 1,200 lb, and when it is in­stalled the R66’s max­i­mum gross weight in­creases from 2,700lb to 2,900lb. The in­stal­la­tion in­cludes an On­board Sys­tems’ hook, con­trols that en­able solo flight from ei­ther left or right front seat, a left seat hy­draulic switch, and a left seat start but­ton. A load weight gauge and a sec­ond set of en­gine power gauges (torque and gas tem­per­a­ture) are set in the left door sill, en­abling the pi­lot to mon­i­tor en­gine op­er­a­tions while watch­ing the ex­ter­nal load. Pro­vi­sions for re­mote con­trol of ex­ter­nal equip­ment such as a long line hook or a wa­ter-drop­ping bucket are also in­cluded.

Robin­son is now ac­cept­ing or­ders for cargo hook installati­ons on new R66s at a rec­om­mended price of $28,000. robin­son­

R66 cargo hook car­ries up to 1,200 lb and can be op­er­ated from left or right front seat

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