Con­trast­ing age lim­its

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I can’t help but con­trast the pi­lots who reach 65 and lose their com­mer­cial li­cences (‘UK pi­lot seeks Ju­di­cial Re­view of com­mer­cial fly­ing age limit’, Notes, Septem­ber) with the eighty year old bus driver who caused a fa­tal bus crash in Coven­try. news/uk-eng­land-coven­try­war­wick­shire-45581599

My ob­ser­va­tions are that a 65-year-old to­day is far fit­ter and more able to work than a 65-year-old back in the 1960s. I’m no longer be­ing sur­prised by friends who are “bounc­ing around like good’uns” in their eight­ies. Ian Broth­well, Not­ting­ham

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