What would I change?


There’s al­ways room for im­prove­ment, and one of the fun things when writ­ing a Pi­lot test re­port on a kit­plane is a lit­tle con­jec­ture on how I might do things dif­fer­ently. Here are some ob­ser­va­tions:

The front seats only have three­p­oint har­nesses, and reg­u­lar read­ers will know that I pre­fer a four- or even five-point re­straint sys­tem

The back seats only have lap straps, which is ac­cept­able but not ideal

Be­cause gull-wing doors can suck open, I’d rec­om­mend a ‘Door Un­latched’ an­nun­ci­a­tor light, and also ‘Mas­ter Warn’ and ‘Mas­ter Cau­tion’ lights above the P1’s pri­mary flight dis­play, even though the G3X does pro­vide au­ral warn­ings

Tog­gle switches op­er­ate most of the elec­tric sys­tems, but for any air­craft which you must climb in and out of I al­ways rec­om­mend rock­ers – they are just less prone to dam­age. Al­ter­na­tively, if I were build­ing a 4, I’d se­ri­ously con­sider mov­ing most – if not all – of the switches to the cabin roof

The choke and cabin heat knobs are iden­ti­cal in shape, colour and move­ment which is poor er­gonomics; they re­ally should be dif­fer­ent shapes and colours, as you might in­tend to turn the cabin heat on and in­stead get a ‘rich cut’!

The park­ing brake unit needs to be turned through 180° (strictly speak­ing, it should be ‘for­ward to fly’) and the flap con­trol should be aero­foil shaped

There should be a DV panel in the port (P1 side) door

Fi­nally, I’d turn the fuel valve about 45° clock­wise, so that the se­lec­tor points at the selected tank.

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