Cramped his style


Hav­ing com­pleted a cir­cuit and land­ing at Taten­hill the CEA DR221B Dauphin’s pi­lot raised the flaps and ap­plied full power to take off again. But, just as he lifted the tail he ex­pe­ri­enced a cramp spasm in his right leg, which caused him to straighten the leg to try and stop “ex­cru­ci­at­ing pain”. This re­sulted in him in­creas­ing pres­sure on the right rud­der pedal and brake, and de­spite him quickly clos­ing the throt­tle, the air­craft turned rapidly through 90°, its left un­der­car­riage leg col­lapsed, and the pro­pel­ler struck the ground. The pi­lot said that there was lit­tle air­flow in the cabin. Com­bined with the hot weather and a lack of fluid in­take, this might have con­tributed to the on­set of his cramp.

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