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I was hor­ri­fied when I read Pat Malone’s page in the De­cem­ber 2018 edi­tion of Pi­lot re­gard­ing the con­tin­ued curse of 8.33. Bod­min is my lo­cal fly­ing club air­field, prin­ci­pally run for the lo­cal GA com­mu­nity, not de­signed to make a mas­sive profit but there for the ab­so­lute plea­sure of lo­cal fly­ing. To read they have been mugged by the CAA for sev­eral years in such a nasty way is hor­ri­ble. Then to be told, yes you over­paid but it’s your fault; we charged you based on your say-so, which is the same as your friendly bank telling you to nob off when a fraudster has shafted your bank ac­count!

It’s ironic. If you shaft HMRC, they can claim back for at least six years and no amount of squeal­ing will make a jot of dif­fer­ence. How lovely be­ing part of GA in the UK – not.

Oh, and in con­clu­sion, worry not Bod­min, you are not alone. The whole of GA has been mugged by the CAA over 8.33. Ac­tu­ally the CAA will blame Of­com and then EASA! Chris How­ell by email

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