Para­noid pi­lots – a rant!

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I’m sorry to say that I think you need the Para­noia Po­lice to start check­ing your cor­re­spon­dents’ let­ters be­fore you pub­lish them! Ev­ery few months we seem to get peo­ple who ap­pear to think that many of us pi­lots are a dan­ger to our­selves by stand­ing near a pro­peller. I’m sure that Si­mon No­ble is a thor­oughly ex­cel­lent chap (he must be, he flies) but, re­ally, please stop print­ing this non­sense that a prop is go­ing to spon­ta­neously start, minc­ing any­one who stands near it when there’s no-one in the cock­pit.

Has he ever tried to hand swing? Has any­one ever seen an en­gine start all on its own? How many peo­ple have been re­duced to steak tartare in the world in the last ten years? The risk is so small it’s not worth wor­ry­ing about. How can these peo­ple who worry about such tri­fling risks even think about fly­ing... over wa­ter... at night.... in cloud...? The same goes for all these ab­surd air­fields who think we pi­lots are all blind or par­tially sighted. Don’t get me started on high vis jack­ets. They are not nec­es­sary. I have never started taxy­ing and ei­ther driven into some­one or nearly driven into some­one whether wear­ing high vis or not. I can see quite well – as we all can be­cause our AME tells us so ev­ery five sec­onds or so if you’re over fifty.

If you are one of the para­noid, fine, carry on. But please don’t take pho­tos near the front of a car/mo­tor­bike/push­bike/dog/ cat (the lat­ter be­ing way more dan­ger­ous) be­cause Lord alone knows what might spon­ta­neously hap­pen. You’re more likely to trip on your shoe laces but there’s noth­ing in the CAA rules and regs for that. Hmm, maybe there should be.

I’ve run out of time to vent on the G-INFO data pro­tec­tion you man­aged to pro­mote to star let­ter! How many en­e­mies do peo­ple have if they think some­one will mon­i­tor the skies and de­cide who to bur­gle? I could go on. Maybe I’ll write again next month. Just re­lax and go fly­ing. You might even en­joy your­selves. You won’t be bur­gled by G-INFO watch­ers, of that I am pretty con­fi­dent. Ed Len­nox, Craven Arms

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