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In these days of in­creas­ing airspace and RTF com­plex­ity it is even more im­por­tant to use standard RTF, in a con­cise and clear man­ner with­out clog­ging up con­gested fre­quen­cies. I won­der, there­fore, whether Hawar­den’s re­cent VRP name change from ‘Mold Town’ to ‘A494/A541 Ch­ester Road Round­about (East of Mold Town’ does much to con­trib­ute to safety? In­evitably, at least for some months, pi­lots in the area will no doubt have to look down at a piece of pa­per to read the com­plete name cor­rectly in full, rather than look up and out and say ‘Mold Town’. So the name change, quite apart from the ridicu­lous ti­tle, will likely re­duce look­out and there­fore safety.

Does any­one in­volved in con­sid­er­ing this sort of change ac­tu­ally sit back and con­sider what they’re propos­ing? (Ref: Jeppe­sen VFR Ter­mi­nal Change No­tices dated 8 March 2019.) Steve Moody, Leam­ing­ton Spa

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