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I share Pat’s de­spair at the EASA re­quire­ments for PPL in­struct­ing. I read about the Hon­ourable Guild of Air Pi­lots in­struc­tor schol­ar­ships and thought that it could be my

op­por­tu­nity to pass some­thing on. Much like Pat, I am prob­a­bly in a mi­nor­ity of pi­lots who only want to in­struct and have no de­sire to be an Air­bus driver. Sadly, I can­not af­ford the cost of a flight in­struc­tor’s course and my hopes of ap­ply­ing for the schol­ar­ship were dashed when I re­alised that one of the re­quire­ments was to have passed the CPL the­ory ex­ams. An ex­pen­sive and time con­sum­ing hoop to jump through even to be con­sid­ered for a schol­ar­ship in­ter­view.

Al­though my fly­ing hours are low in comparison to Pat’s, about 250 of my flights have been car­ry­ing pas­sen­gers. I feel guilty fly­ing with an empty seat! Maybe a cer­tain amount of pas­sen­ger-car­ry­ing flights should be con­sid­ered as a pre-req­ui­site in EASA’S long run­ning re­view of fly­ing train­ing? Con­vert­ing ner­vous pas­sen­gers into fre­quent fly­ers would surely be high on the list of essen­tial skills for an in­struc­tor. And I should also men­tion that I have al­most one whole hour of hu­man pow­ered flight ex­pe­ri­ence!

I re­alise that none of the above means that I pos­sess ‘the right stuff’ for in­struct­ing but the same can be said for some­body who learns how to pass a CPL the­ory exam. I’m sure HGAP has good rea­son for a CPL the­ory pass to ap­ply for their schol­ar­ships but if there gen­uinely is a short­age of ca­reer fly­ing in­struc­tors then I ap­peal to the gover­nors and fun­ders of the GA world to give us skint but fairly ex­pe­ri­enced oldies a chance (I’m 43, you know)!

While I’m on my soap box, can any­body give a rea­son why my Ikarus C42 mi­cro­light hours don’t count to­wards reval­i­dat­ing my SEP rat­ing? C42s can also be reg­is­tered as Group A. The only rea­son the CAA could give me was ‘be­cause it’s Euro­pean law’. The Waxwing Ikarus C42 group at Kirk­bride is the only rea­son I can still af­ford to fly pow­ered air­craft. Niall Pater­son, White­haven

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