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1 Nu­mer­ous aero­nau­ti­cal ab­bre­vi­a­tions and acronyms con­tain com­bi­na­tions of the three let­ters A, R and S. Can you give the mean­ings of these? a ASR (two mean­ings for this) b RAS (two mean­ings) c RSA d SAR (two mean­ings) e SRA (two mean­ings)

2 Which of these is the most im­por­tant of the fac­tors that make air­frame ic­ing dan­ger­ous?

a ice’s very low co­ef­fi­cient of fric­tion causes large re­duc­tions in par­a­site drag

b ice build-up on wings re­sults in aero­foil sec­tion changes and pos­si­ble asym­met­ric in­creases in lift

c rime ice build-up on cock­pit win­dows re­duces pi­lots’ vis­i­bil­ity

d to­tal weight in­creases, air­frame drag in­creases, and lift de­creases

3 What is the pri­mary func­tion of a ‘bus-bar’ on an air­craft?

a a me­chan­i­cal link that en­sures the move­ment of both ailerons is co­or­di­nated

b it cou­ples to­gether two (or more) elec­tri­cal switches to make them op­er­ate si­mul­ta­ne­ously

c a dis­tri­bu­tion point for a num­ber of elec­tri­cal cir­cuits

d a tool used to bleed air from hy­draulic brake sys­tems

4 If the pi­lot of a light air­craft with a POHrec­om­mended touch-down speed of 50kt in­stead lands at 60kt, what dif­fer­ence will this make to the land­ing roll? a the land­ing roll will be in­creased by ap­prox 45%

b there will be no ap­pre­cia­ble dif­fer­ence in land­ing roll be­cause in­duced drag at 60kt is much greater than at 50kt

c the land­ing roll will be in­creased by ap­prox 20%

d the land­ing roll will be ap­prox 25% shorter be­cause of the in­creased drag

5 When mea­sur­ing your track on a halfmil­lion aero­nau­ti­cal chart, why should you line your pro­trac­tor up with a merid­ian some­where around the mid­point of the track line?

a to avoid er­rors caused by mag­netic vari­a­tion

b be­cause this gives a rea­son­ably close av­er­age be­tween the start and the fin­ish of your track

c no real rea­son; it is just a con­ve­nient place to put it

d be­cause it is only near the cen­tre of a Mer­ca­tor pro­jec­tion chart that the merid­i­ans are cor­rectly aligned north/south 6 Taxy­ing out from the apron you find your­self be­hind an­other air­craft/ ve­hi­cle mov­ing more slowly than you wish to taxi. On which side are you per­mit­ted to over­take it?

a you must keep the other air­craft/ve­hi­cle to your right

b you may pass it on ei­ther side

c you are not per­mit­ted to over­take it at all

d you must keep it to your left

7 The North Coast 500 route is a ma­jor Scot­tish tourist at­trac­tion for mo­torists, bik­ers and walk­ers, and much of its spec­tac­u­lar scenery can also be en­joyed from a light air­craft. If, on a flight from say Kirk­wall to Stornoway, you choose to fly along the coast be­tween John o’groats and Cape Wrath, is it safer to fly over the sea or over land?

a best fly di­rectly over­head the coast­line

b over the sea

c over the land d ei­ther side, the choice is yours

8 What is the dif­fer­ence be­tween am­bi­ent air tem­per­a­ture and dew­point? a vapour pres­sure b rel­a­tive hu­mid­ity c spread d a con­stant 4.5° Cel­sius

9 Which of these chem­i­cal sub­stances can be found in liq­uid form on board al­most ev­ery GA light air­craft?


b HCL 3

c H SO

d NAOH 2 4

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