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The reg­u­la­tor replies to read­ers' views, and other com­ments

I wrote to Pi­lot ear­lier this year (‘Air­mail’ March) de­scrib­ing some wor­ry­ing and ex­pen­sive prob­lems we were hav­ing with a zero-hour fac­tory replacemen­t en­gine from Ly­coming. The en­gine is an IO540, fit­ted in our TB20. It had cylin­der com­pres­sion is­sues and what ap­peared to be pre­ma­ture wear. We had con­tacted Ly­coming about this, along­side our orig­i­nal en­gine im­porters, but were mak­ing lit­tle progress get­ting an­swers or as­sis­tance in re­solv­ing our is­sues.

Fol­low­ing pub­li­ca­tion of the let­ter in Pi­lot I was sur­prised and very pleased to be con­tacted by Air­part Sup­ply Ltd. Air­part are based at High Wy­combe and are the of­fi­cial Ly­coming ap­pointed dis­trib­u­tor for the UK and Ireland. They took re­spon­si­bil­ity for our is­sues, and helped us to un­der­stand bet­ter the var­i­ous ser­vice let­ters and Ser­vice Bulletins which we be­lieved were rel­e­vant to our en­gine. Air­part took up the case on our be­half with Ly­coming, and the prob­lems with the en­gine have now been re­solved: it is per­form­ing well, and in­di­ca­tions are good.

It is of paramount im­por­tance to us as op­er­a­tors of a high-spec air­craft that the air­craft com­po­nents are of high qual­ity and that sup­port is ef­fec­tive. When some­thing goes wrong, we need the war­ranty and sup­port chain to be as short as pos­si­ble, and for the re­sponse to be swift and con­clu­sive. Air­part were able, as the of­fi­cial dis­trib­u­tor for our re­gion, to get us a quick and ef­fec­tive res­o­lu­tion. I would like to thank and com­mend Air­part Sup­ply Ltd for their con­struc­tive ap­proach to this is­sue. As a dis­trib­u­tor should, they took re­spon­si­bil­ity for us as a Ly­coming cus­tomer in their ter­ri­tory: they had ‘skin in the game’ and it showed. They have turned a bad story into a good one and demon­strated real commitment to client ser­vice.

I am grate­ful also to Pi­lot for giv­ing the is­sue prom­i­nent ex­po­sure in the mag­a­zine.

Ian Hunt by email

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