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Bren­dan O’brien, who should need no in­tro­duc­tion to any­one who has been on the UK air­show or aer­o­bat­ics scene for the past forty years or so, has started a new op­er­a­tion, Pi­lots of the Pur­ple Twi­light, to per­form pri­mar­ily at private oc­ca­sions such as wed­dings, birth­days, an­niver­saries, re­tire­ment par­ties, cor­po­rate events or fly­ing, glid­ing or golf club bar­be­cues. The dis­play fea­tures two air­craft: a sin­gle-seat clipped­wing Piper Cub and a Sch­weizer 300 he­li­copter named Otto. “Both can carry a very sig­nif­i­cant weight of fire­works which will shoot off for up to eight min­utes, and they also have spe­cial lights at­tached and pow­er­ful smoke sys­tems to add to the over­all ef­fect,” says Bren­dan. “We fill the sky with light, colour and noise to present our clients with a sky­gasm of ae­rial py­rotech­nics.”

Fly­ing in­struc­tor Alex Gar­man usu­ally flies the Cub while Bren­dan pi­lots Otto, and they soon plan to in­cor­po­rate a laser light show in com­bi­na­tion with their py­rotech­nics. “The CAA does not cur­rently al­low night time py­rotech­nic dis­plays, but it is le­gal to dis­play right up to the last sec­ond of of­fi­cial dark­ness and then fly home... or in the case of the he­li­copter, land on site for its pi­lot to min­gle with the guests.” (Bren­dan is a great racon­teur, and will be a wel­come ad­di­tion to any party.)

Why the un­usual name? It’s a quote from Lord Ten­nyson’s poem Lock­sley Hall, which in part pre­dicted ae­rial war­fare way back in 1835:

Saw the heav­ens fill with com­merce, ar­gosies of magic sails,

Pi­lots of the pur­ple twi­light

drop­ping down with costly bales;

Heard the heav­ens fill with shout­ing, and there rained a ghastly dew

From the na­tions’ airy navies grap­pling in the cen­tral blue. For more de­tails visit: pi­lot­soft­hep­ur­pletwi­light.com or con­tact Bren­dan di­rect on tel: 07711 757500, email: fly­[email protected]

Cub night py­rotech­nics, not!

Otto’s heli py­rotech­nics

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