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Pilot - - NEW REGS -

A weird and won­der­ful month starts off with Flyt Aero­space Flyt­cy­cle G-CLGN. This has twelve elec­tri­cal mo­tors driv­ing a dozen pro­pel­lers, paired in six ver­ti­cal ducted fans sur­round­ing the pi­lot’s chair. Di­rec­tional con­trol is by vec­tored thrust, and there are no spe­cific tail sur­faces. It of­fers ver­ti­cal take off and land­ing and flight at sev­eral feet above ground level ‘in or­der to bring the thrill of flight to every­one’. A po­ten­tial draw­back may be that it is claimed to have an en­durance of ten to fif­teen min­utes on a fully charged set of bat­ter­ies. At this time per­haps it is not do­ing it prac­ti­ca­bly but it is re­mark­able to see it fly­ing at all.

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