That sink­ing feel­ing


The Nppl-rated pi­lot, whose 220 hours to­tal ex­pe­ri­ence had all been on the EV-97 Teameu­rostar that he was fly­ing, was on ap­proach to Car­rick­more Air­field’s Rwy 08 when he en­coun­tered tur­bu­lent air and the air­craft be­gan to sink. He cor­rected by ap­ply­ing more power and the air­craft be­gan to lift be­fore once again sink­ing to­wards the run­way. Fear­ing a stall, he pushed the stick for­ward and the air­craft landed heav­ily, slewed into a metal gatepost and was dam­aged be­yond eco­nom­i­cal re­pair. The pi­lot felt that while there was lit­tle more he could have done to pre­vent the heavy land­ing, per­haps com­mit­ting to a go-around when the sink was first en­coun­tered might have been a bet­ter op­tion.

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