Big cessna up­ended


The Cessna 195 had just taken off from Dunkeswell when its Ja­cobs ra­dial en­gine be­gan to lose power. It re­cov­ered briefly be­fore suf­fer­ing a to­tal power loss at a point where turn­ing back to the air­field was not an op­tion. The pi­lot, who had only one hour on type, flew to­wards lower ground and checked mix­ture, throt­tle and fuel pumps. Mov­ing the fuel se­lec­tor to the left-, righ­tand then both tanks in turn and re­cy­cling both mag­ne­tos had no ef­fect. He made an ap­proach to a large field, touch­ing down briefly on the soft ground be­fore al­low­ing the air­craft to fly down the gen­tle slope and touch down again on a gen­tle up­s­lope. Its wheels be­gan to dig in and, on cross­ing some slightly firmer ground, the pi­lot thought that the tail was low­er­ing nor­mally, but the main­wheels dug in heav­ily and the air­craft nosed over onto its back. The pi­lot was not in­jured, and no cause for the en­gine prob­lem was sub­se­quently found.

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