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The new sub-seventy kilo­gramme class of self-pro­pelled hang-glid­ers with stall speed not ex­ceed­ing twenty knots is dereg­u­lated and they do not re­quire a li­cence to fly. Fly­light Avi­a­tion have in­tro­duced the Pe­abee to fill this niche, a weight-shift trike pared to the ba­sics, although lux­u­ries such as a wind­screen and a bal­lis­tic parachute can be fit­ted. Maybe as an homage to Brexit, the fac­to­ry­built G-CLHT is mar­keted as the Red Line ver­sion, while kit-built G-CLHP is mod­i­fied.

G-CLHU is a new mem­ber of the Ital­ian Alisport Silent fam­ily of Sin­gle-seat Dereg­u­lated mo­tor glid­ers, this a kit with a two-stroke petrol en­gine and a sin­gle-blade dor­sal mounted pro­pel­ler.

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