Aerostats, Bull­dogs and a Trekker

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Aero­stat is the name given by the eighteenth cen­tury French bal­loon­ing pi­o­neers to craft lifted by buoy­ant gases, and the Solo Aero­stat­ics DE-12 G-UMBS is a home-built hot-air bal­loon. Two more ex-royal Air Force Bull­dogs come to the Reg­is­ter as G-CLJC and ’D but these have been used for the last twenty years by the Armed Forces of Malta for train­ing and pa­trol du­ties. Leonardo Trekker G-RMBH is the lat­est it­er­a­tion of the Agusta A109 fam­ily, a multi-role he­li­copter, the first with skids rather than wheels.

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