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Alive And kick­ing

1 It may have launched in 2014 and been sub­ject to some pretty siz­able changes in the in­ter­ven­ing years, but The El­der Scrolls On­line is bet­ter than it has ever been. Zen­i­max On­line has qui­etly put in fan­tas­tic work to ESO; the servers are sta­ble, the con­sole op­ti­mi­sa­tion is pretty in­cred­i­ble and there’s such a wealth of con­tent avail­able. Ev­ery El­der Scrolls fan needs to try it for them­selves.

A new Ex­pan­sion

2 ESO has been sup­ported by a large va­ri­ety of con­tent up­dates over the years, but it’s the size­able ex­pan­sion chap­ters that have truly im­pressed. The re­lease of Mor­rowind in 2017 was re­mark­able, whisk­ing play­ers away to Vvar­den­fell for the first time since the re­lease of the 2002 cult clas­sic The El­der Scrolls III: Mor­rowind. That’s why ex­cite­ment is run­ning high for Zen­i­max On­line’s lat­est, Sum­mer­set.

(re)in­tro­duces SUM­MER­SET ISLES

3 The new ex­pan­sion Sum­mer­set is, for all in­tents and pur­poses, ef­fec­tively a brand-new area of Tam­riel for fans to ex­plore. The Sum­mer­set Isles were a group of is­lands first in­tro­duced in se­ries orig­i­na­tor The El­der Scrolls: Arena back in 1994 though it barely scratched the sur­face of this lush and beau­ti­ful land. Trust us, this has been a long time com­ing.

THE game is huge

4 Zen­i­max is go­ing all out with this one. The Sum­mer­set Isles are big, like, re­ally big. The stu­dio has promised that the area is even larger than that of ESO: Mor­ror­wind’s Vvar­den­fell. Good thing, be­cause the Isles are not only go­ing to con­clude the epic Daedric drama that’s kept the story rolling along since 2015’s Orsinium DLC, but it’s also go­ing to in­tro­duce a bunch of new con­tent too.

A new world Or­der

5 The var­i­ous guilds and or­ders scat­tered across Tam­riel of­ten pro­vide the very best quest-lines. That’s why we are ex­cited to join up with the Psi­jic Or­der for the very first time, as well as their se­cre­tive home city of Ar­taeum. It’s here where you’ll be able to gain a new com­bat skill line and be­gin to wield con­trol over time it­self as you study with the mages of the Psi­jic Or­der.

new pve chal­lenges

6 To cel­e­brate the re­lease of the Sum­mer­set Isles, Zen­i­max has de­signed a brand­new se­ries of PVE chal­lenges to be played with friends (or ran­doms that you can pull to­gether on the fo­rums for that mat­ter). Cloudrest is an all-new 12-player trial, fea­tur­ing a va­ri­ety of new Delves and Bosses to study and de­feat.

Its dif­fi­culty is based on the bosses you take on or skip.

wel­com­ing TO newbies

7 If you’re a brand-new player to ESO, you need not worry. The game’s unique chap­ter struc­ture and level-scal­ing means that the new con­tent is eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble, fun and en­gag­ing re­gard­less of your ex­pe­ri­ence. A starter area in the Sum­mer­set Isles will get you up to speed quickly, cut­ting down on the time it’ll take be­fore you can sink your teeth into the good stuff.

plenty for VETERANS

8 Vet­eran play­ers need not worry about start­ing a new war­rior. Once you pur­chase the new ex­pan­sion you’ll be able to take your hero straight into the new zone – or start a new char­ac­ter en­tirely, it’s up to you! Of course, with Jew­ellery Craft­ing be­ing in­tro­duced as a new craft­ing skill, it may be worth tak­ing your lev­elled char­ac­ter over to get a head start on ob­tain­ing that pow­er­ful new gear.


9 This isn’t Zen­i­max’s first at­tempt at get­ting ex­pan­sions on­line. Those in the care of MMOS of­ten suf­fer when launch­ing large new con­tent, with the servers buck­ling un­der the pres­sure of new and re­turn­ing play­ers ea­ger to see what all the fuss is about. But ESO has only con­tin­ued to grow; Zen­i­max and Bethesda have in­vested heav­ily in the game, so you should ex­pect min­i­mal dis­rup­tion on launch week.

IT’S com­ing SOON

10 If you’re ex­cited about jump­ing into and ex­plor­ing the Sum­mer­set Isles, you’ll be happy to learn that it is sched­uled to launch on 5 June 2018. Pre­pur­chase bonuses are in play for any of you that just can’t wait and, for any of you that are still on the fence about try­ing ESO, you’ll be happy to hear that free game weeks are sched­uled around the launch.

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