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Plat­form: PS4 Dif­fi­culty: 4/5 tro­phies: 23 1 7 9 6

■ This is The sort of game that will truly ben­e­fit off of ar­riv­ing on PS Plus. It’s an on­line-only fight­ing game in which you create your own fight­ing style and do bat­tle with oth­ers that you meet out in the three worlds. Thank­fully, the new in­flux of play­ers will make it eas­ier than ever be­fore to claim some of these tro­phies – par­tic­u­larly the ones that rely on you win­ning a ton of on­line PVP bat­tles. Still, if you want that Plat­inum you’ll also need to grind through the PVE con­tent; fo­cus on slay­ing the three main bosses to un­lock Wor­thy Op­po­nents, be­fore look­ing to­wards un­lock­ing all of the fight­ing styles and move sets to earn Mas­ter Of Styles and The Grand­mas­ter. Trust us, this is go­ing to take a good 50-60 hours to achieve, but it is worth it. Ab­solver is a fan­tas­tic fight­ing game and you won’t re­gret giv­ing your time to it.


Plat­form: PS3 Dif­fi­culty: 3/5 tro­phies: 35 1 6 5 23

■ The long run­ning De­cep­tion se­ries con­tin­ues to trun­dle on and this lat­est en­try, avail­able on PS Plus for the next three weeks, is a wicked op­por­tu­nity to get ac­quainted with the fran­chise if you haven’t al­ready. De­cep­tion IV is fo­cussed around strat­egy, on set­ting traps and lur­ing en­e­mies into them. Much of the tro­phies are fo­cused around this as­pect to the play, par­tic­u­larly those for earn­ing S-rank scores on ev­ery one of the main quest mis­sions. If you are look­ing for some eas­ier tro­phies for the time be­ing, be sure to duck into the De­cep­tion Stu­dio to create a quest, edit en­e­mies, down­load a re­play and create a re­play for some ef­fort­less Bronzes. That Plat is, how­ever, go­ing to take some se­ri­ous time and at­ten­tion.


Plat­form: ps3 Dif­fi­culty: 2/5 tro­phies: 12 0 1 4 7

■ DID you ever play Ray­man 3: Hood­lum Havoc back in the day? It was pretty dif­fi­cult, right? Yeah, you re­mem­ber it. Thank­fully, Ray­man 3 has aged fairly grace­fully, mean­ing this HD ver­sion shouldn’t pose too much dif­fi­culty to any of you savvy with the plat­former genre. You’ll want to fo­cus on find­ing as many se­crets and un­lock­ables as you can – Matuvu and Tri­belle bonuses, the Green Jewels and the Teen­sie cages – on the first run through the game if you can to save time. Re­mem­ber, you can al­ways run back to each level when­ever you please in an ef­fort to gain the 100 per cent score com­ple­tions that are nec­es­sary to earn Gold.


Plat­form: PS4 Dif­fi­culty: 3/5 tro­phies: 57 1 2 4 50

■ as you are prob­a­bly aware by now, Quan­tic Dream doesn’t make 'nor­mal' videogames. Its ex­pe­ri­ences are de­fined by the choices you make and how you deal with the in­evitable con­se­quences. That means that the ac­qui­si­tion of tro­phies can be a lit­tle more painstak­ing than it is with other games. Tech­ni­cally speak­ing, none of Heavy Rain’s tro­phies are miss­able and most are rel­a­tively easy to ob­tain, although you won’t be able to do it on sin­gle playthrough. In fact, earn­ing a Plat­inum Tro­phy is go­ing to take some­thing of a 30 hour time com­mit­ment. Most scenes will come with their own in­di­vid­ual tro­phies, and should you miss any of these re­mem­ber that you can opt to re­play any of these and prac­ti­cally any time. What you need to be aware of is tro­phies such as Four he­roes, which is awarded should you be able to get all four of the char­ac­ters to the fi­nal scene un­scathed, be­fore then back-track­ing and tack­ling the Per­fect Crime and Trial Mas­ter tro­phies.

The lat­ter two are the tough­est, although we are hes­i­tant to spoil them – don’t worry, you’ll know what you are shoot­ing for when you stum­ble across the cor­rect scene.


Plat­form: ps Vita Dif­fi­culty: 1/5 tro­phies: 33 1 4 12 16

■ The Thing about Zero Es­cape: Zero Time Dilemma is that it is the third and fi­nal en­try into a tril­ogy. If you haven’t played the other two you may strug­gle to fol­low along with the mys­tery, par­tic­u­larly in one which is so heavy driven by choice and de­ci­sion. Still, if you’re only in­ter­ested in gather up some tro­phies then you will be happy to know that this is pretty easy go­ing. You col­lect them by go­ing chap­ter to chap­ter, the only ones you are likely to miss are tied to spe­cific puz­zles, but you can track back to each and ev­ery scene from the menu screen when ever you should so de­sire. Ex­pect to spend 10-15 hours mop­ping these 33 tro­phies up.

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