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Man denies killing his pal

Trial told ‘large carving knife’ used to attack victim during altercatio­n

- By STEVE DEEKS Senior reporter steve.deeks@thenews.co.uk

A MAN has appeared in court accused of murdering his 21-year-old friend who died in a fatal stabbing in Leigh Park after ‘banter’ escalated into a fight.

Kevin Batchelor, 26, appeared at Winchester Crown Court yesterday for the start of his five week trial having pleaded not guilty to the murder of George Allison.

Jurors heard Mr Allison died at a property belonging to Cherelle Ash in Tichborne Grove, Leigh Park, on May 23 last year after being stabbed by Batchelor with a ‘large carving knife’ up to 30cm as the pair came to blows.

The defendant also denied wounding Chellby Ferrol with intent of causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Allison. She was at the party and tried to ‘get between the men’ as they fought, the court heard.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin said Mr Allison died following a single stab wound to the back left shoulder that passed through muscles into his body piercing muscles and lung before cutting into his spinal column causing ‘catastroph­ic blood loss’.

The knife had travelled 17.5cm through his body, she said.

Batchelor had used a knife which came from a magnetic block in the kitchen, Miss Maylin said.

Ms Ferrol had tried to stop the pair before she was also stabbed in the upper left arm leading to her ‘bleeding profusely’ with her muscle exposed, jurors heard.

Miss Maylin told the court Mr Allison and Batchelor started off having ‘banter’ before emotions began to escalate between the two around 10pm to 10.30pm.

The two men then engaged in an ‘aggressive exchange’ in the kitchen before Batchelor told Mr Allison ‘don’t talk to me like that’.

Mr Allison responded: ‘I’m not scared of you.’

A ‘scuffle’ then erupted before punches were exchanged as the two men grappled with each other as Ms Ferrol tried to get between them.

‘(Ms Ash) saw Kevin Batchelor holding a knife – she recognised it as being hers,’ Miss Maylin said.

‘She saw Kevin Batchelor stab George Allison in the back.

‘George turned to walk away and was bleeding heavily and walked through the hallway.

‘Kevin Batchelor was continuing a stabbing motion towards George

Allison, who then collapsed on the living room floor.’

The defendant then left the scene and rode a push bike to his sister’s home Hayley Batchelor, 34, with the knife, the court was told. She denies a charge of assisting an offender, along with Barry Baker and Lewis Turner, who were also present.

Baker, 39, of Oracle Drive, Widley, is accused of disposing of the knife, after riding in a taxi with Turner, 32, Fore Street, Camelford, Cornwall, before it was alleged the knife was disposed by Baker in a storm drain near The Swallow pub, on Dunsbury Way, Leigh Park.

A neighbour had heard ‘screaming’ during the incident and called police who turned up before paramedics arrived and continued to battle to save Mr Allison before he was pronounced dead just before midnight.

Batchelor, of Camborne, Cornwall, denies murder and claims he was acting in self-defence.

He also faces an alternativ­e to wounding with intent on Ms Ferrol while trying to inflict GBH on Mr Allison – with this charge being unlawful wounding to Ms Ferrol.


 ??  ??
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 ??  ?? ‘SCUFFLE’
Police in Tichborne Grove, Leigh Park, where a George Allison, inset, died
‘SCUFFLE’ Police in Tichborne Grove, Leigh Park, where a George Allison, inset, died

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