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Family in dispute with council after claims of being ‘kicked out’


DEE’S family say that they are suffering even further as they are now being ‘kicked out’ of their family council house in Cosham.

Portsmouth City Council said that following his mum’s passing, Harry must move into a one bedroom property.

Sonny and his partner Jade Golding, 28, who gave up their home to move in with and help care for Harry, are concerned that they may be left homeless.

Harry said: ‘I’m losing one of the few things I have left that links me to my mum. It’s a place that makes me feel comfortabl­e, and it is my home. It’s not just a house.

‘I hope that the council starts treating people like humans again, and not just like people they can throw out, discard and mistreat.’

Jade added: ‘It’s disgusting the way the boys have been treated.

‘Now they’re taking away the only thing they’ve got left of their mum.

‘They’ve just lost their mum, you can’t just boot people out of their home.’

The family say that the tragedy has brought them closer, but losing their family home could mean they lose this crucial support network.

Sonny said: ‘It makes us angry, frustrated, a bit scared because Jade and I potentiall­y could be homeless.

‘Where me and my brother have become so much closer, this could pull us apart. ‘The council should reconsider.’

Harry said: ‘If it wasn’t for my brother and Jade, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.’

A Portsmouth City Council statement said: ‘Our records show that there is one resident currently living in the property.

‘The property is a three bed house which isn't suitable for a single person.

‘We have worked closely with the resident to source appropriat­e accommodat­ion, and the resident was offered a one-bed property which was turned down.

‘The resident informed us that he had already found an exchange which was more suited to his needs.’

The family said this has not happened.

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