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City is among most polluted


THE city is among the most polluted areas in the UK, with residents exposed to levels above the safe limit recommende­d by the World Health Organizati­on.

Health campaigner­s say ‘toxic’ air quality in the UK is a national emergency and the government must impose stricter limits on fine particles in the air (PM2.5), which come mainly from the burning of oil, gas and diesel.

Figures show the average concentrat­ion of PM2.5 pollution particles in Portsmouth was 10.5 micrograms per cubic metre in 2019 – below the UK limit of 25, but above the WHO guideline limit of 10. That was a decrease from 12.4 micrograms in 2018.

Across the south east, the level of PM2.5 was at 9.7 in 2019.

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