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Total claptrap


At last, a politician speaks out

‘in the national interest’. Penny Mordaunt MP says she opposes the Aquind interconne­ctor as a strategic error (MP warns over energy threat, May 7).

Maybe, a light has clicked on somewhere. I wrote about this (again) last December and made a tongue in cheek remark about the French pulling the plug. Although hint of a similar retaliatio­n has been made against Jersey, the situation remains serious.

The nice company man from Newcastle was reported as saying consumers would save millions. I wonder how he can make such a presumptio­n, unless he knows what the French government via EDF are going to charge for this ‘green’ energy in years to come.

The talk of green energy is about as bizarre as the advert depicting Einstein in a bath, telling us that smart meters will help us use more of it. It’s a load of claptrap, sorry. Those who believe in this pure energy form, and some I suspect think that is what they are paying for, should think again.

All electricit­y irrespecti­ve of the source of generation ends up in the

National Grid.

This is a place where it is all stored, like a huge battery pack, before it gets sent down the wires to your home.

There is no way it can be sorted into clean green or dirty, that is a fallacy. 100 per cent green energy companies? Rubbish – you get what you get.

The Aquind interconne­ctor would be another of those ‘big project’ that takes years to complete, are generally massively over budget, and usually fail to fully come up to expectatio­n.

The other thing is that they don’t really benefit the public, but after all, that’s not what they are intending to do. This is all about big money, witness Crossrail, HS2, and of course the smart motorway project, which will only ever really benefit the big civil engineerin­g contractor­s, at the taxpayers’ expense.

Ms Mordaunt mentions resilience, and our ability to support ourselves. I would have hoped that the lessons of two wars might have dropped a few hints. To keep relying so much on imported food and consumer goods is bad enough, but to start relying more on imported energy from a country we have not had a stable relationsh­ip with for a thousand years is just plain stupid.

Added to this is our security, and an issue with pipes and cables under the sea, the positions of which are already charted by foreign navies I suspect.

B Nevill Gosport

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