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Bring back discipline


I am writing this letter to you about the following ‘ Feral Youths Rule Roost’ say residents (April 28).

What on earth is going on in this city? Those ‘ oiks’ have been running riot for the last year, and as usual the parents don't seem to care. It's kids having kids. These locals in Buckland shouldn't be living their lives in fear!

Bring back discipline now – both in the schools and in the home. The l eaders that run things in this City (joke!), don't seem to care what is going on with anti-social behaviour. Now don't get me wrong, I was young once and no angel, also an ex- punk, but I had respect for older people and property.

It's simple – let's vote some people in with some backbone and want to change things for the better – rather than the lot we have at Portsmouth City ‘Towers’ Council.

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