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Not so straight and narrow


I am once again concerned that Boris Johnson appears to be as straight as a corkscrew!

1. In the past I understand his journalist­ic stories were questioned as to accuracy.

2. His Brexit bus advertised a lie in that Brexit would save £350m a week.

3. He's been alleged to have had an affair with an American lady whilst being married.

4. He has supported wrongdoing by cabinet colleagues and friends, ie, Dominic Cummings' lockdown trip.

5. He delayed making a decision on the second, or was it the third, lockdown.

6. Now there are questions concerning his dealings with Dyson and the refurbishm­ent of his flat.

Covid is taking up much of his time now, but previously he claimed "Brexit is done" but instead of a few bumps in the road of adjustment, there are gaping potholes.

One thing he is good at is getting his picture in the papers most days dressed in a high-viz jacket or in a white coat visiting a laboratory or hospital.

If he did his job as effectivel­y as getting photo opportunit­ies, he'd possibly be a good PM.

But I'm left feeling ‘Blustering

Boris’ has a lot to answer for and his actions to date are not what I expect of a prime minister.

Keith Roynon The Thicket, Fareham

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