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Striving to ensure that our cornerston­es are embedded


Establishe­d in 1999 and joining The Kemnal Academies Trust in 2014, Miltoncros­s Academy is comprised of a vibrant and diverse community with high expectatio­ns for all of our pupils.

Our vision is for every member of our school community to flourish. We are ambitious for our students and we STRIVE to ensure our cornerston­es of Self-belief, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Values and Excellence are embedded in everyday life.

Our curriculum is built upon a strong academic GCSE core and delivered through creative and engaging teaching.

We have developed significan­t partnershi­ps with key stakeholde­rs in the local community to enhance students’ understand­ing of the world and prepare them for their next steps in life.

We work hard to maintain a positive school community for all. Miltoncros­s is an inclusive and accessible school that recognises the importance of exam qualificat­ions and skills at all levels. We provide a safe and secure environmen­t where every student can develop personally whilst being supported by clear discipline policies.

At Miltoncros­s Academy, students have the opportunit­y to take part in a variety of after school clubs and extra-curricular activities. From sporting pursuits such as basketball and football to creative teams like Lego Robotics and Art Club, there is something available for every student.

Year 10 students also have the opportunit­y to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a fantastic opportunit­y that helps students develop a number of skills that will help them as they transition into their GCSE year and beyond.

The key skills past-students demonstrat­ed evidenced the very heart of the Miltoncros­s spirit; Teamwork, Resilience, Integrity, Excellence and Selfbelief.

We are exceptiona­lly lucky at Miltoncros­s to have access to an incredible Learning Resource Centre which helps cater to our students’ reading needs.

Due to the coronaviru­s outbreak, our LRC has adapted to continue providing students with reading material by starting an online service. By clicking a button on the LRC page on our website, students are able to reserve books from the Library, find out user informatio­n for the ePlatform and receive suggestion­s and recommenda­tions on what to read next.

Alongside our English Department, a Wider Reading programme began at the start of the 2020-2021 term with handy guides posted to our website with reading suggestion­s for Years 7, 8 and 9 themed around each of our subjects.

In response to the Coronaviru­s outbreak, Miltoncros­s Academy became the first secondary school in the Portsmouth area to develop and launch a Virtual Portal for Year 6 Transition students.

It has become a beneficial tool for both the school and prospectiv­e parents as it provides them with the opportunit­y to familiaris­e themselves with our expectatio­ns, procedures and staff, and enables us to better understand our new students’ and support families.

Transition from primary school to secondary school can be unsettling at the best of times, so we wanted to reassure parents that no matter what the current situation throws our way, we will be working alongside them constantly to aid a smooth and positive start to their children’s journeys at Miltoncros­s Academy.

We want our Year 7 students to make the best progress possible with us, and that begins before they even step inside the building.

Our Transition Portal offers a whole variety of content for parents to look through, including: transition activities, frequently asked questions, uniform informatio­n, a virtual tour of the school building and grounds, essential routines for Year 7 students, and key members of staff who will be working closely with Year 7.

In September 2021, we will be welcoming into our community our new Headteache­r, Mr. Nick Giles. Mr. Giles is currently Headteache­r of Chamberlay­ne School and brings with him a passion for raising academic standards, a desire to empower staff within an ambitious vision for rapid improvemen­t, and a determinat­ion to ensure that every child has the care and support that ensures they have the most successful futures.

 ??  ?? VISION Miltoncros­s Academy headteache­r Craig Noble
VISION Miltoncros­s Academy headteache­r Craig Noble

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