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Students involved in a variety of top fundraisin­g events


HERE at Miltoncros­s Academy, we take pride in the multiple charity events that we run annually for good causes.

As well as taking part in national events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief, during the festive season our students participat­e in a team project within their tutor groups designing and producing Christmas hampers.

It marks the end of a season of fundraisin­g, beginning with Christmas Jumper Day whose proceeds go towards the Humanities Department’s annual charity of choice — this year, their chosen charity was the Sepsis Trust to honour the child of a former colleague. Alongside the creation of their Christmas hampers, everyone in the school community rallies together to collect food, toiletries, and other non-perishable items to be able to donate to the local Salvation Army.

As an extra act of kindness, students and staff collected tubs of sweets and chocolates that were distribute­d out to local NHS staff to say thank you for the amazing work that they have doing throughout the entirety of the pandemic.

The other major event that students take part in happens later in the school year.

During our summer term, we host our very own Race For Life wherein students and staff come together to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK.

Alongside the usual breaktime cake sale that has become a tradition of our fundraiser­s, heading out into what has mostly been sunny weather, all participan­ts do laps that mark out the equivalent of 3-5k.

One Year group per hour, everyone heads out onto the astro to walk, run, and even cart-wheel their distance, earning a shiny medal once the final whistle blows.

Since the first time the event was run, students and staff have managed to raise significan­t amounts of money for the charity with every session.

Collective­ly, roughly £8000 has been raised by the Miltoncros­s Academy community for Cancer Research UK.

Due to the restrictio­ns surroundin­g Covid-19, unfortunat­ely we had to miss out on our last Race for Life event. However, as soon as we’re allowed we are aiming to get the event back up and running to continue raising funds for this amazing charity.

Giving back to the community is just one of the traits that we like to encourage here at Miltoncros­s Academy. Every charitable event aims to not just encourage our students to aid charities and others in need, but also help those same students with their creativity and resilience.

 ??  ?? COMING TOGETHER PE teacher and lead Race for Life organiser, Miss James, awarding students their completion medals
COMING TOGETHER PE teacher and lead Race for Life organiser, Miss James, awarding students their completion medals

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