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Catlin says Blues can keep their prized assets


MARK Catlin is confident Pompey can fight off potential League One interest in the Blues’ prized out-ofcontract players.

Instead, Fratton Park’s summer departures will be dictated by Danny Cowley – unless Championsh­ip offers emerge.

The Blues have 11 players whose deals are heading for expiry, with discussion­s over their futures taking place this week. Duncan Turnbull has already been informed of his release, while Cowley has publicly declared his intent to activate an option to retain Haji Mnoga.

There are concerns that Tom Naylor, Craig MacGillivr­ay and Jack Whatmough could attract Championsh­ip attention.

However, in terms of

League One competitio­n, Catlin is convinced Pompey can fight off potential interest in any player they intend to keep.

The Blues’ chief executive Catlin told The News: ‘If Danny was determined enough to keep any of our out-of-contract players and we were in competitio­n against League One clubs to do so, I am confident we’d be able to keep them.

‘Every player has a relevant value and, given the current state of finances at all football clubs, if there was a concerted effort from us to try to keep a player that’s out of contract, I am sure that we could.

‘At the end of the day, if a player wanted £100,000 a week then naturally you would be constraine­d by finances, you can’t blindly offer a salary out of sync with our budget and squad However, given what I know at this level in League One, and to a degree in the Championsh­ip, there’s going to be a major downward shift in football finances.

‘I stress, if we really wanted to keep a player I believe we would have the capabiliti­es to do so.’

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