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There have been 307 mass shoot­ings so far this year. Do we re­ally want to raise our chil­dren in a coun­try where mass shoot­ings like Thou­sand Oaks are a weekly oc­cur­rence? A coun­try where every sin­gle day in Amer­ica, more than 90 peo­ple are killed with guns? Our lead­ers re­spond by ba­si­cally telling us to put a tiny Band-Aid on a sur­gi­cal wound that needs hun­dreds of stitches to close.

Trump is at­tack­ing re­porters again. As soon as they ask a ques­tion that he doesn’t like, the re­porter gets at­tacked. The ques­tion is stupid, the re­porter al­ways asks stupid ques­tions, their net­work is ter­ri­ble and has low rat­ings. Stop this hu­mil­i­at­ing di­ver­sion, just be­cause 95 per­cent of the me­dia doesn’t sug­ar­coat ev­ery­thing like Fox News. They are the real prob­lem, they cre­ated this mon­ster, think­ing ev­ery­one must treat him like a baby who could not han­dle the truth.

Why would the Portage po­lice Chief want a School Board seat? Does this ap­pear to con­flict with his job? Does this have any­thing to do with the school board re­plac­ing his of­fi­cers with county po­lice? Wow, the U.S. is re­ally mak­ing progress on the gun vi­o­lence epi­demic. Al­most a full two weeks be­tween mass shoot­ings with dou­ble-digit fa­tal­i­ties, what an im­prove­ment. The great­est threat to na­tional se­cu­rity isn’t a car­a­van of refugees from a for­eign coun­try; it’s your lo­cal nut job armed with an AR-15 or a Glock.

What have our leg­is­la­tors done to stop any of th­ese mass mur­ders?

What have they done to reg­u­late gun pur­chases? With every sec­ond that you don’t do that, the gun­man is go­ing to pull the trig­ger and some­one is go­ing to die. In the ab­sence of any ef­fec­tive plan to sep­a­rate dis­turbed in­di­vid­u­als from high­pow­ered weapons, of­fi­cers are rush­ing head­long into hor­rific vi­o­lence in or­der to save lives. One thing is cer­tain, do­ing noth­ing will never end mass shoot­ings.

Here’s the way con­ser­va­tives now at­tack lib­er­als. If they call out Donald Trump for his lies, they clearly are “try­ing to sup­press dis­sent­ing thought.” Oh, please. Bald­faced lies are not “dis­sent­ing thought.” In the first place, Trump doesn’t have any thoughts. Other than thoughts about him­self.

Stop telling ev­ery­one how smart you are. Stop telling ev­ery­one that you grad­u­ated at the top of your class. That is eas­ily checked out, and it is a lie. Most peo­ple live and learn, and some peo­ple think they are so smart that they have no need to learn any longer. Those are the will­ful id­iots in our so­ci­ety.

Maybe (ha ha) the U. S. Supreme Court will is­sue an or­der to Porter County to stop count­ing bal­lots, as they did in 2000 when they or­dered Florida to stop and in ef­fect de­clared Ge­orge W. Bush pres­i­dent. No mat­ter that they did con­tinue to count, and the fi­nal count re­vealed that Al Gore in fact had won Florida. But by then, Gore had con­ceded in or­der to avoid the kind of con­sti­tu­tional cri­sis that our cur­rent pres­i­dent seems hell­bent on creat­ing with the fir­ing of Jeff Ses­sions and the ap­point­ment of a Trump lap dog as act­ing AG.

Your vote in Porter County for Joe Don­nelly “didn’t count”? There weren’t enough “Joe Don­nelly” votes in Porter County to make up for the butt-whip­ping Mike Braun put on him. More lib­eral cry­ing.

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Friends hug out­side the Los Robles Med­i­cal Cen­ter on Thurs­day in Thou­sands Oaks, Calif., as they pay tribute to Ven­tura Coun­try sher­iff Sgt. Ron Helus, who was killed in a shooting at Border­line Bar the night be­fore.

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