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I have a new job at the gro­cery store check­ing voter IDs in the ce­real aisle. Thank you, Trump, for the job.

A Gary city em­ployee who used city funds to buy 1,000 iPads for her per­sonal use has re­fused to talk to her de­fense at­tor­ney. She can com­mu­ni­cate when she wants to. Enough of th­ese stalling tac­tics. Start the trial and let her pay the piper.

Don’t kid your­self. Trump’s vi­cious and ig­no­rant and heart­less at­tacks on Cal­i­for­nia for the cur­rent wild­fires is com­pletely po­lit­i­cal. Do you think for a minute that he would launch such at­tacks if we were talk­ing about, say, Alabama or South Carolina, re­li­able red states? More­over, most of th­ese fires are on fed­er­ally owned land and are the re­sult of bud­get re­duc­tions that have caused the for­est mis­man­age­ment that Trump is blam­ing on the state. Just more of the stu­pid­ity we can count on get­ting ev­ery day from Trump.

Trump loses the CNN vs. Trump case be­cause of a long-stand­ing prece­dent.

“The class which has the power to rob upon a large scale has also the power to con­trol the govern­ment and le­gal­ize their rob­bery.”

Th­ese peo­ple in this Repub­li­can Party and this ad­min­is­tra­tion seem to be so sur­prised that they are be­ing held re­spon­si­ble for com­mit­ting crimes. Did they re­ally think they would be able to get away with things at this level?

A White House that shows lit­tle deco­rum, ex­pects deco­rum from a press it rou­tinely screams at and calls “en­emy of the peo­ple.” It would be funny if it weren’t so piti­fully sad.

I’m try­ing to think of a worse job in the U.S. govern­ment than Se­cret Ser­vice se­cu­rity de­tail for any­one in the Trump clan. I’m draw­ing a blank. Those peo­ple are the ab­so­lute worst. Can you imag­ine join­ing the Se­cret Ser­vice and think­ing you’ll have a pres­ti­gious job pro­tect­ing the best and bright­est in Amer­ica, only to be sad­dled with babysit­ting Eric Trump? That’s gotta suck.

Me­la­nia Trump racked up $174,000 in ho­tel bills for a day trip to Toronto in Sept. 23, 2017, with­out spend­ing the night. What are th­ese peo­ple do­ing with our money?

Now that a fed­eral judge (ap­pointed by Trump) has or­dered the im­me­di­ate re­turn of CNN re­porter Jim Acosta’s press pass, watch our pe­tu­lant, vin­dic­tive and petty pres­i­dent freeze him out by re­fus­ing ever to call on him for a ques­tion. I’m sure he’s ab­so­lutely fum­ing over this ap­pointee’s lack of “loy­alty.” Why ap­point th­ese peo­ple if you can’t count on them be­ing prej­u­diced in your fa­vor?

“Like he’s the only politi­cian that’s ever done it.” Your “whataboutism” is fool­ish. All politi­cians tell lies, of course. But Trump has told over 5,000 lies that have been verified, can any­one even com­pare to that?

U.S. phones re­ceived 6 mil­lion robo­calls per hour last month alone. I find it hard to be­lieve that this can’t be stopped.

What does Me­la­nia know about “Be Best?” She knows a lot about Louboutin shoes and Her­mes bags. Thank you, Me­la­nia, for keep­ing France’s econ­omy go­ing. Can you imag­ine what the right wing me­dia would have done if Michelle had dozens of shoes at $1,200 a pop and hand­bags at $15,000 and up?

Is it just me, or does it feel like the Trump pres­i­dency is reach­ing its fi­nal episode?

For the love of God, peo­ple in the me­dia: stop dig­ni­fy­ing Trump and his peo­ple by grant­ing them in­ter­views and treat­ing them like they’re nor­mal pub­lic ser­vants. That’s not what they are, and they don’t de­serve our re­spect or at­ten­tion.

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