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In­ter­est­ing no­ta­tion: On Thurs­day, Trump can­celed his meet­ing with Putin in Argentina; on Fri­day, Putin said the meet­ing is still on. Who calls the shots here?

We keep hear­ing about this pres­i­dent’s suc­cess in tamp­ing down the ef­forts of un­der­age sex­ual traf­fick­ing. But now we have the in­ves­ti­ga­tion into Jeffrey Ep­stein, one of the worst

I was so de­lighted when Chris Chyung won the race for state rep­re­sen­ta­tive. How re­fresh­ing to have an in­tel­li­gent young man will­ing to put in the time and ef­fort to make the needed changes. Ev­ery­one is so tired of es­tab­lished politi­cians that can’t be bothered to re­turn phone calls or emails and take their of­fice for granted. We need more peo­ple like this young man!

Veterans Af­fairs tells Capi­tol Hill it won’t re­pay the un­paid GI Bill ben­e­fits re­cip­i­ents. And again, we don’t thank you for your ser­vice. Just go away now. A truly pa­tri­otic pres­i­dent would have been highly sup­port­ive of in­ves­ti­ga­tions to fer­ret out for­eign med­dling in our elec­tions, to pro­tect our coun­try. That should have been his high­est pri­or­ity. It wasn’t, and that says it all.

Is there one per­son out there that didn’t think his ju­ve­nile be­hav­ior would es­ca­late when he was backed into a cor­ner? It will get worse as things progress.

Both of the ma­jor lo­cal steel mills have set­tled for a new con­tract. The im­por­tant thing is that they have kept the tra­di­tional steel mill dou­ble alive and well. I don’t think they could have done it with­out the freshly added new tar­iffs. oth­er­wise they would not be com­pet­i­tive in a world mar­ket.

Many in the GOP are try­ing their best to cover up for Ivanka and her stu­pid­ity in us­ing her pri­vate e-mail ac­count. The worst part is how ar­bi­trary and ma­li­cious the right chooses to be when they at­tack Hil­lary for the same thing.

Trump’s big gut told him the cli­mate change re­port was not real.

The Rus­sians had hacked 10 years’ worth of RNC emails. That is why they dance to Trump’s tunes. What is in those emails?

Our cor­rupt, rigged, and in­com­pe­tent gov­ern­ment, me­dia, lob­by­ists and so-called ex­perts have mis­placed pri­or­i­ties and are seem­ingly by far more con­cerned about the rights and well be­ing of the il­le­gal aliens than our own ci­ti­zens (in­clud­ing our poor, home­less, hun­gry, needy, un­em­ployed, un­der­em­ployed, spe­cial needs, dis­abled, el­derly and veterans) with this il­le­gal alien amnesty. This is il­log­i­cal, sick­en­ing/dis­gust­ing and an out­rage.

What is worse — a pres­i­den­tial can­di­date try­ing to bribe a for­eign leader with a $50 mil­lion apart­ment, or a sit­ting pres­i­dent try­ing to bribe a convict by dan­gling a par­don? Ask­ing for a friend.

Trump now ad­mits what we’ve know all along any­way, that he has been con­tin­u­ing to run his busi- nesses even while pres­i­dent. And he claims that he said he would do that all through his cam­paign. Funny, I re­mem­ber him promis­ing that Don, Jr., and Eric would be put in charge of the Trump em­pire.

Does any­one have any doubts that the en­tire GOP has been com­pro­mised?

If Trump didn’t think there was any­thing wrong about ne­go­ti­at­ing with Rus­sia for a busi­ness deal dur­ing the cam­paign, why did he and Co­hen lie about it? Why did it take over two years and Mueller’s ef­forts for this to come out?

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