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Be­yond gen­eral pur­pose PU sealants, there’s a range of more specialised prod­ucts with slightly dif­fer­ent for­mu­la­tions to hone them for spe­cific pur­poses.

Chan­dlers of­ten only have shelf space for a small range, so these spe­cial­ist prod­ucts of­ten need to be spe­cially or­dered.

In the Sikaflex range, for in­stance, 292i is mar­itime con­struc­tion ad­he­sive with twice the strength of 291i. This gives it a high me­chan­i­cal load ca­pac­ity for struc­tural bond­ing with­out me­chan­i­cal fas­ten­ings.

Sikaflex 298 is a more fluid bed­ding com­pound that’s semi-self lev­el­ling for glu­ing down syn­thetic deck cov­er­ings and bed­ding in or seal­ing of teak that’s laid on a struc­tural sub-deck.

Sikaflex 290DC Pro is for teak deck caulk­ing and can be sanded. It’s quite a fluid for­mu­la­tion – don’t try us­ing it on a ver­ti­cal sur­face – so the bot­tom of the seam fills first with­out form­ing air pock­ets. It takes 5-7 days to cure, af­ter which the ex­cess can be chis­elled off and then sanded.

Sikaflex 295uv and 296 are both op­ti­mised for bond­ing glaz­ing, with the for­mer for­mu­lated for or­ganic glass that’s ex­posed to sun­light.

In the 3M range 4200FC is a medium strength polyurethane for bond­ing and seal­ing above and be­low the wa­ter­line that can be re­moved even af­ter pro­longed use.

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