Elim­i­nat­ing sole­board rat­tles

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There’s not a lot of point in mak­ing your su­pery­acht’s hull res­o­nance-free if your floor­boards and pan­els rat­tle. A su­pery­acht has acres of boards, all of which will need to be lifted at some stage to ac­cess ca­ble runs, so they have to re­main rel­a­tively loose.

To get around this rat­tling prob­lem, and to add even more sound­proof­ing, most su­pery­acht builders will ‘float’ the en­tire cabin on a closed cell foam that is avail­able in self ad­he­sive strips. This is painstak­ingly laid across all of the metal sup­port beams above a metal deck. The deck voids and wall cav­i­ties are filled with Rock­wool or foam be­fore be­ing criss-crossed with pipes and ca­bles. The cabin be­comes a ‘box within a box.’

long strips of green Silo­mar foam are be­ing laid across the metal beams of this su­pery­acht’s floor. th­ese strips will min­i­mize any vi­bra­tion and stop the boards vi­brat­ing and act­ing like a gi­ant ply­wood speaker

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