Ey­oyo 15M fish­ing cam­era and mon­i­tor set

Stu­art John­ston rec­om­mends this minia­ture wa­ter­proof cam­era and mon­i­tor set for un­tan­gling a fouled prop with­out get­ting wet

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Alot has been writ­ten about the pot buoy is­sue and other pro­peller foul­ings, but there is kit out there that can help you free your­self from en­tan­gle­ment. This sum­mer on my sin­gle-handed cruise to Ire­land, my pro­peller was fouled three times and I found the Ey­oyo fish­ing cam­era and mon­i­tor set to be re­ally help­ful.

The first was off Helvick Head when the en­gine revs sud­denly dropped. I limped into the an­chor­age and dropped the hook. I’d al­ready mod­i­fied the cam­era so it clips to the end of the boathook and it re­vealed a mass of blue plas­tic sheet around the prop. Work­ing from the dinghy tied along­side, with the help of the cam­era to see what I was do­ing, I freed the prop.

The sec­ond off Bal­ly­cot­ton, the en­gine com­plained some­what more, but I limped into the vis­i­tor moor­ings and got the cam­era out, hop­ing for a re­peat per­for­mance with the boathook. It was the blue plas­tic again but I could not free it, so I tried a ser­rated knife at­tached to the boathook, with no luck. The weather was calm, I had an old wet­suit, so I swam un­der­neath and freed the prop – not ideal as I get older.

The third was off Sal­tee Is­land, head­ing back to the UK about two miles off­shore. I was puz­zling why the chart­plot­ter showed the tide in the op­po­site di­rec­tion from the ti­dal stream pre­dicted, when the en­gine stopped. I ad­mit I prob­a­bly wasn’t keep­ing a good enough watch, though the marker buoy was some 15m away with the rope float­ing on the sur­face. Any­way out came the cam­era and the rope was around one of the prop blades and twisted around on it­self. There was a bit of tide run­ning, I was on my own and I felt un­com­fort­able try­ing to work from the dinghy in this sit­u­a­tion off­shore, so I talked to Ross­lare Ra­dio and the very kind Kil­more Quay lifeboat crew turned up to help. With a clear video pic­ture and their help, the rope was un­twisted and the prop freed.

So I’ve found the video fish­ing cam­era to be a use­ful bit of kit – I got mine for about £80 on ebay. And it has other uses such as check­ing an­odes etc.

The prop on Stu­art John­son’s Westerly Ocean­quest was fouled three times on a cruise to Ire­land

Blue plas­tic twice fouled Stu­art John­ston’s prop off Ire­land

Cam­era was clipped to stan­dard boathook

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