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An own­ers’ per­son­al­ity is of­ten re­flected in their yacht, but even if you’re boat­ing on a bud­get, you can still ‘bling it like a bil­lion­aire’, says Jake Ka­vanagh

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Sur­pris­ingly af­ford­able bright ideas from su­pery­acht yards

Have you ever ex­changed your Sikaflex deck sealant for 24-carat-gold sprin­kled with di­a­monds? Or how about swap­ping that slightly faded print on the bulk­head for an orig­i­nal Dali? Or maybe you’ve opted for a crys­tal chan­de­lier that cas­cades down your mid­ships stair­case, or com­mis­sioned a wooden sculp­ture that trav­els from your bilge right up to your sun­deck?

If you have you’re prob­a­bly a su­pery­acht owner, and ev­ery­thing just listed has al­ready been used in a new-build project. While the skip­per tasked with main­tain­ing the di­a­mond- stud­ded deck may have pre­ferred the more de­pend­able Sikaflex 290DC, some other bling I’ve seen has ac­tu­ally been very prac­ti­cal.

Last month, we looked at how you can bor­row ideas from the world’s rapidly ex­pand­ing fleet of 24m+ yachts to make your own ves­sel much more com­fort­able. These ideas ranged from ex­tra-thick in­su­la­tion against am­bi­ent noise and tem­per­a­ture to in­stalling sta­bilis­ers to dampen down move­ment. The huge bud­gets for a new project (of­ten-quoted as £1 mil­lion a me­tre) al­low su­pery­acht builders to cre­ate a ves­sel that is not only per­fectly fin­ished, but also luxuriously equipped.

For the mega-rich, this is en­tirely ex­pected as lux­ury comes as stan­dard. How­ever, the bit they re­ally en­joy is stamp­ing their per­son­al­ity on the project, ei­ther in the de­sign it­self (to the ter­ror of the naval ar­chi­tects who have to get it cer­ti­fied) to the way the yacht is ac­ces­sorised or painted. Be­cause su­pery­achts pack such mas­sive fuel tanks, along with bristling top speed and huge de­sali­na­tion plants they have of­ten been the first re­spon­ders to in­ter­na­tional dis­as­ters, es­pe­cially in the hur­ri­cane-hit Car­ib­bean.

Here are some ideas that you can bor­row to su­perfy your own boat, and you will find many of them sur­pris­ingly use­ful. And you can al­ways add di­a­monds if you want...

Light fan­tas­tic

Dur­ing a night in the Med or Car­ib­bean, you may well have seen a su­pery­acht at an­chor. Usu­ally ablaze with light from top to bot­tom they are pretty hard to miss, and give the im­pres­sion of ‘a glit­ter­ing jewel afloat on a sea of lu­mi­nes­cence’. Hap­pily, you can achieve ex­actly the same af­fect with a West­erly Cen­taur or Ri­val 32. You need sim­i­lar kit, but on a much smaller scale.

Huge ad­vances in LED (light emit­ting diode) tech­nol­ogy have re­sulted in com­pact, high-out­put lights that re­quire very lit­tle en­ergy, and which can be com­bined in clus­ters to give a palette colours. In­deed, this ‘colour-change’ abil­ity has be­come a ma­jor sell­ing point in ma­rine light­ing ar­rays, both above and be­low the wa­ter­line.

En­hanc­ing (which sounds bet­ter that ‘bling­ing’) with light has there­fore di­vided it­self into three sep­a­rate roles – ex­te­rior (in­clud­ing the rig), in­te­rior and un­der­wa­ter.

Su­pery­acht own­ers usu­ally like to make an im­pres­sion, such as with this CRN-built yacht. The use of rel­a­tively in­ex­pen­sive LEDs above and be­low the wa­ter­line has a big im­pact, but also some prac­ti­cal ap­pli­ca­tions

Mak­ing a state­ment with light. This con­cept sketch for an Icon yacht fea­tures a fully-lit aquar­ium and en­cap­su­lated foun­tain. Light­ing can be changed re­motely. Can’t find your yacht? Use your phone to turn every deck light pur­ple for a few min­utes. Ah, there she is...

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