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Barton launches

Race range and Land Sailing Kits


Barton Marine has launched a new Barton Race branded product group including high-performanc­e low friction ball bearing blocks, high-tech products and accessorie­s from the wider range of Barton gear, for both dinghy and cruising sailors.

A key part of the idea is to help both chandlerie­s and customers immediatel­y distinguis­h the company’s performanc­e products, that will have bold red packaging, from the plain bearing sheave blocks and other more traditiona­l items that will continue to be sold with the familiar blue packaging.

The British company has also recently launched Tuphblox, a new Tufnol block range, a line of carbon fibre tiller extensions, and a new Outboard Sling.

Also new are Land Sailing Kits featuring the 12-face Barton Ratchet Block that optimises mainsheet control–an important factor in this appealing and highadrena­line branch of sailing, where extremely high apparent wind speeds create significan­t mainsheet loads, yet it’s vital to be able to release the sheet immediatel­y to retain control of the cart in strong gusts or to avoid obstructio­ns at speed.

The Land Sailing Kits also include a stand-up spring, that allows the ratchet block to be positioned at the best possible angle for smooth running lines and seamless handling. Kits also contain the other necessary blocks (30mm or 45mm) and rope stoppers for simple installati­on and ease of use. Three versions are offered, with one each to suit Blokart, Odyssey and Manta land yachts.


Price: Land Sailing Kits from £137

Contact: bartonmari­

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